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Carpet Cleaning Brighton

Professional Carpet Cleaning Service in Brighton

Underneath the luxurious fabric of your carpet thrives an ecosystem of harmful bacteria, dirt, mites, dust, pet hair, dead skin cell, insect feces and more!

These pollutants do more than just making carpets unhealthy; they also reduce the lifespan of your expensive carpet. Call Tradie Team for professional carpet cleaning services in Brighton.

Specialised Solutions for Exceptional Results

Tradie Team is a foremost cleaning company in Melbourne with extensive experience in providing specialised cleaning solution for different kinds of carpet.

Our highly trained and skilled cleaners not only eliminate the germs build up in your carpet but also make sure it doesn’t turn into a breeding ground again.

We pay keen attention to the minute details and use the latest equipment and methods to extract the harmful allergens and dust trapped in the complex fabric structure of your carpet. Moreover, with zero downtime we ensure you won’t have to stay out of your home for long during the carpet cleaning process.

Carpet Cleaning Brighton

We Remove Various Types of Stains like:

Food and Drink Stains

We are proficient at removing the stubborn food and drink stains like:

  • Coffee
  • Ketchup
  • Tea
  • Wine
  • Milk
  • Fruit juice

Oil And Grease Stains

We specialise in wiping out the oil or grease stains caused due to spillage of:

  • Eggnog
  • Oil
  • Lotion
  • Cream
  • Cheese
  • Salad Dressing and more!

We Make Smelly Carpets Fresh!

Carpets, when not cleaned regularly, can capture odour and holds onto it for years. Our cleaning experts are proficient at eliminating various kind of smells ensuring your carpets are fresh! We remove the following odours from your carpet:

1. Pet Urine/Feces – The remains of pet urine and feces can linger in your carpet for a long time, giving out an unpleasant odour. Such carpet further attracts germs and bacteria making it even more unhygienic. Our professional use non-toxic and highly effective cleaning agents to nullify and eliminate the stink.

2. Cigarettes/Tobacco – Carpet fibres can quickly soak up cigarette/tobacco smoke that leaves behind a faint, yet disgusting odour of smoke. Our specialist uses modern techniques to eliminate the smell.

3. Moisture – Dampness in your carpet can result in a musty smell that lingers over a long time. Such conditions can make the carpet a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. We use the latest technology and dry cleaning technique to remove dampness and mould.

Why Hire Our Carpet Cleaning Services?

  • Hard on Stains. Gentle on Fabric – Our experienced and trained professionals use environmentally friendly cleaning agents to ensure your carpets are stain-free, without damaging its vibrant colours and velvety touch.
  • Customised Services – We understand each carpet is different, and so we offer tailored solutions that accommodate your unique requirements at a price that comes in your budget.
  • Anxious about a carpet emergency? We immediately deploy our cleaners to your place to get your carpet clean within no time!
  • Our team consists of fully certified and trained technicians who ensure you get the best value for your money and 100% satisfaction.
  • We believe in green cleaning. All cleaning materials, we use are 100% Australian and non-toxic that won’t harm your kids or pets.

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