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The world, today, is going through a major medical crisis. The newly discovered Coronavirus has resulted in global pandemic COVID 19 that has brought the entire world on its knees. Infecting over 200,000 people and killing approximately 10000 across the globe; this disease is highly contagious with an extremely high infection rate.

It is transmitted when a healthy person comes in contact with either infected humans or objects touched by an infected person. Though this deadly virus isn’t transmitted through air, it can spread through the droplets of cough and sneeze of an infected person. Since there’s no vaccine yet, it’s crucial to take necessary precautions and health guidelines given the World Health Organisation.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

Since viruses can mutate and evolve constantly, it’s impossible to know what could happen next. While there is no cure, it’s necessary to take precautions and one of the best ways is to ensure immaculate cleanliness.

Living in a clean and sanitised environment is one of the most key aspects that will prevent the spread of this disease. Call a professional anti-flu and cold cleaning service to make your home sanitised. With a team of highly trained professionals and premium grade sanitizers, we give your home and office a complete steam cleaning and sanitization services.

Using high powered equipment and cleaning agents, we give a deep clean to every surface of your establishment – be it home or office to extract dangerous viruses and germs from the deepest parts which can be potential breeding grounds for diseases. In today’s time, when the pandemic is grappling the entire world, the significance of sanitization has increased more than ever. We offer sanitation services to protect you and your family from any harmful disease.


How Does Tradie Team Help You Tackling Dangerous Diseases?

Some of our steam cleaning and sanitisation services involves:

Heat Cleaning

We specialise in sanitizing and deep cleaning soft surfaces like upholstered furniture, curtains, rugs, carpets, and beds. The intricate fabric structure on this surface can easily trap germs that can cause deadly disease. Using heat, we eliminate dust, mould, allergens, mites and bacteria to ensure your place is sanitised.

Regular Cleaning

Regular domestic cleaning is not only vital to prevent the diseases from spreading of disease but to maintain overall physical well-being. We provide you with the best, quick and effective cleaning services by offering regular vacuuming and mopping to eradicate the germs and making the surfaces hygienic.

Surface Sanitisation

Using Australian Health Department recommended disinfectants, we ensure pathogens like bacteria and viruses are eradicated completely. Perfectly suited for a commercial establishment with workstations, laptop, mouse, desk phone, armchair, files and more.

Following a step-by-step procedure and standards set by WHO and Australian health department, we use clean towels, wet tissue, diligent soap and scrub during the cleaning process. At the end of the treatment, we sanitize and deodorise giving your space a fresh and clean look and feel.

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Why Choose Tradie Team Steam Cleaning?

  1. Protection Against Virus and Bacterias
    Tradie Team delivers effective germ cleaning and virus cleaning services. Our deep cleaning procedure ensures that not only your residential and commercial spaces look and feel clean but are germ and disease free.
  2. 24*7 Support
    Our well trained and friendly staff provide 24*7 support. Place a call with us and we will arrive with our team to make your premises hygienic.
  3. Pricing by the Job
    We believe that every job is different and we are committed to providing the best bacteria cleaning services irrespective of the time taken to complete the job and therefore all our prices are based on the job and not the hour.
  4. Professional Staff
    At Tradie Team, we have an in-house team for all our projects. We do not outsource staff but all the steam cleaning jobs are undertaken by our well experienced and qualified team members.
  5. Maintenance Agreements
    We believe in 100% satisfaction and therefore we offer maintenance agreements on all our cleaning tasks.

Connect with us today for a safe and healthy living through steam cleaning.

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