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Backflow Prevention

Ensuring A Healthy Community Lifestyle

As prescribed by the Victorian Water Suppliers policy, water users all across Victoria have to ensure that there is no backflow into the main water supply. There are several devices available that prevent backflow in your Melbourne property and there are also devices that protect your individual supply from any kind of external contaminant.

What is Backflow?

Backflow, as the name suggests is the flow of water in the reverse direction. That is, when the water heads in the direction opposite to your taps, into the main supply. There is more than one reason for this occurrence. Predominantly, when there is low pressure at the source of water, or when the pressure of water at your end is much higher than that of the main supply. Backflow causes pollutants and adulterants from other homes, industrial holdings and warehouses to seep into the main water supply. This poses a serious bio hazard to everyone in the community who share the common source of water supply.

How can Tradie Team Help?

Tradie Team has a team of backflow prevention experts that are trained extensively after acquiring a qualification in this field. According to the National Plumbing and Drainage Code, we are required to provide a Certificate of Compliance when it comes to working with medium to high risk backflow prevention inspections and devices.

Our services include:

  • Analysing and confirming risk of backflow on your residential or commercial property
  • Testing backflow contamination
  • Recommending best possible solutions and helping to source prevention devices
  • Installation, servicing and maintenance of backflow prevention devices
  • Informing about best practice for avoiding backflows in the future

Why Choose Tradie Team?

  • Certified and trained professionals who are experienced with backflow inspection and prevention at different types of properties across Melbourne
  • Servicing all suburbs of Melbourne
  • Latest technology for detailed analysis and installation of backflow prevention devices
  • Immediate response to critical issues such as backflow and pipe bursts
  • Reliable service that guarantees peace of mind for many years to come
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