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Water Audits & Pipe Replacements

Practicing Environmental Responsibility and Customer Satisfaction

Water is vital, it has been taught to us since we were children. It’s one of those things that we need as much as air. Tradie Team makes deep considerations while working on client projects to sustain water usage over a long period of time. Often there are fittings in our household that end up wasting water that has come to any good use, and we strive to streamline all water operations in homes and office buildings.

Water Audit Plumbers in Melbourne:

Water audit is the practice of ensuring that all water pipes, fittings and other equipment is working in top notch order. We ensure that there is no avoidable wastage happening inside or outside your home. The main goal is to help you save on your water consumption bills and at the same time, preserve the resources of this vital element. Tradie Team has a team of qualified and experienced water audit specialists in Melbourne. We not only make recommendations and inspections of your fittings, we also carry out the necessary repairs and replacements on the spot.

Water audit services include:

  • Survey/inspection of all pipes, appliances and fittings
  • Pin pointing under-performing or inefficient equipment
  • Replacing fittings with new, water saving fittings
  • Water conserving toilets and cisterns

Pipe Replacements:

Pipe bursts are a major hassle for any home or office owner, they cause major inconveniences and hold up the entire day. Our goal is to minimise this downtime by offering prompt and reliable service that will give you the peace of mind to carry on work as usual. Pipe leakages can be a very sneaky affair, slowly dripping water into the foundation, walls and structures of your property, it can lead to cracks on the walls and extensive damage over a period of time. Pipe bursts are usually a result of unattended and poorly maintained pipes. We have a team of certified professionals that have the technology to detect leakages and cut them off at the source, instead of spending hours trying to locate the leakage manually.

Why Choose Tradie Team?

  • Experience with various types of residential and commercial properties
  • Water conservation responsibility is deeply embedded in our work culture
  • Latest technology and certified professionals to solve problems instantly
  • Related repairs and replacements can also be undertaken on the spot
To know more about how we can help with adding efficiency to your water use and pipe replacement requirements, please give us a call on 0448 955 555
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