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Electric/Gas/Solar Hot Water

Do You Have Hot Water Problems?

Hot Water supply is usually taken for granted till you face a problem on a cold winter morning. Tradie Team offers Hot water plumbing in Melbourne, throughout all the suburbs. There is nothing worse than waiting for the cold water to turn hot, and finding out that there is some serious issue with your hot water system in your home.
Tradie Team has qualified professionals that can service and install Electric, Gas and Solar water heaters all across Melbourne. Our quick and reliable service won’t let you down. We assure that before you go in for your next shower, the steam shall cover you all over and leave your mirrors nearly opaque. There isn’t a better feeling on a cold Melbourne morning.

Electric Water Heaters:

Electric water heaters are known to be one of the quickest heaters out there. Due to the advancements in electronic technology, these heaters are more efficient now than before. However, you might face issues regarding the wiring of such equipment or problems with the heating coils. We urge you to give Tradie Team a call and recommend that you do not take matters into your own hands unless you are a certified professional.

Gas Water Heaters:

These heaters have immense heating capacity. By using gas powered heat, these heaters also provide steaming hot water in a few minutes. Your electricity bills will remain undamaged by this type of machinery. However, a slightly lesser gas bill will be coming your way. These heaters are extremely sensitive and are to be dealt with meticulous care to avoid any safety hazards.

Solar Water Heaters:

What better way to help keep the planet green than to use the power of the sun to heat your water. While this technology has been developed to great extents, having the sun out is a primary need for it to work. Solar technology also enables users to store energy for night time use or for use on a cloudy day. Tradie Team has solar experts that can recommend the best panels available and give you great tips on utilising this technology to its fullest extent.

Why Choose Tradie Team?

  • Certified professionals with experience in different kinds of technologies and brands such as Rheem, Dux, Braemar, Bosch, Vulcan, Rinnai, Baxi, Aquamax and much more.
  • Friendly and prompt service guaranteed
  • Affordable pricing with no compromise on service quality
  • All kinds of repairs and servicing needs can be resolved on the spot
For a free quotation on the installation or servicing of Electric/Gas/Solar water heaters, please give us a call on 0448 955 555
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