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Data Cabling

Seamless Connectivity of All Network Technology

Rapid developments and innovations in networking technology calls for updated data cabling in Melbourne, what used to be available only to commercial spaces is now being installed in homes throughout Melbourne. With advanced technology that interacts with users, there is a great need for advanced framework in terms of cabling. Good cabling, not only involves the use of good merchandise, but also an experienced professional with the skills to seamlessly integrate various technologies.

Besides, installations and new cabling, we can also make repairs to existing systems and advise you when your current framework needs to be updated to keep pace with developing technologies and mounting threats to data security.

Tradie Team has a team of network professionals that can integrate various technologies at home and at your work place. These technologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Ethernet Cabling installation
  • Business Phone systems
  • Fibre optics
  • VoIP systems
  • Wireless networks/ WiFi
  • WLAN setup
  • AV systems
  • CCTV systems
  • CAT 5 cabling
  • CAT 6 cabling
  • CAT 5e cabling
  • CAT 6a cabling

Safety is Our Priority:

When it comes to network solutions safety is not just limited to the time of installation, it goes beyond electrical safety and into data safety. You can rely on us to install efficient data systems in your homes and offices that have a strong wall against perpetrators that might be after your data, or utilising your network capacity without your knowledge.

Why Choose Tradie Team?

  • We have on our side, a team of certified professionals who are experienced with home and office data cabling of all magnitudes. No job is too big or small
  • Friendly and reliable staff that is available promptly at your request
  • Your productivity is of paramount importance to us. One of the main reasons you would need our services is to further enhance, said productivity. Therefore, we try to keep office and home downtime to a bare minimum. Our intention is to work things out rapidly without causing any interference
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