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Microwave Testing

Protecting You From Harmful Radiation

Most people have never considered getting their microwaves tested for radiation. In fact, we have been finding out that most people in Melbourne have not even heard of this service. Tradie Team provides Microwave testing in Melbourne at affordable prices and highly recommends this service for homes of all types, especially those with children and pets.

What is microwave radiation?

To gain a better understanding about microwave radiation, we can first look at how a microwave works. How does it really heat up your food in such a short period of time?

All food contains some level of moisture, and a microwave seeks out this moisture to heat up your food. Once a microwave is turned on, it bombards the food with heavy amounts of high frequency radio wave emissions. These emissions target the water molecules and make them vibrate at vigorous speed, which in turn creates heat and makes your food warm or even cook it when left for a longer duration. This radiation sometimes escapes through the sides of the microwave door, posing a serious threat to our health.

These high frequency radio waves are capable of piercing through your skin and your tissues, which leads to prolonged health damage that is not instantly visible on the outside.

Why does this happen?

Due to general wear and tear of the microwave such as dirt and dust that settles down in the seals of the door or damage to the door due to rough use, the radiation tends to escape into the home environment.

Testing procedure:

The following are the various checks that we perform under Microwave Testing in Melbourne:

  • Checking for electrical supply and demand of the microwave
  • Checking for any physical damage
  • Checking for any leakage of electricity (earthing check)
  • Checking for radiation with super sensitive readers
  • Certification with date of check is stuck on to the microwave for your future reference
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