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Switchboard Upgrade

Helping You Avoid Dangerous Consequences & Enjoy New Appliances

Switch board upgrades and New Appliance Fitting (Ceiling fans, Bathroom appliance fitting (heater, light, fan)

Buying new appliances is always exciting and promising. It adds value to your life by making tasks easier and automated. However, as you proceed with buying more and more appliances and equipment, you should ensure that your switch board in your Melbourne home is of the latest model and has a capacity to handle the load that you desire.

The switch board is the central circuit of your home through which all the power supply is passed and moderated. Having an older switchboard can lead to poor outcomes of all sizes. From minor disruptions to major overloads and potential house fires can be avoided by a simple call to Tradie Team to upgrade your switchboard.

How can we help?

  • We could help you to upgrade your existing switchboards. Especially if your current switchboard is more than 15-20 years old. Such older models are wired with out-dated fuses and not the modern day circuit breakers that are more likely to support modern day appliances and the sheer volume of such appliances that are being used at homes throughout Melbourne.
  • Tradie Team recommends that you abide with the legal restrictions of replacing your old fuse based switchboards to avoid any disastrous consequences
  • We can recommend and provide best new models of switchboards or just help you to install a switchboard that you have already purchased.

New Appliance Fitting

(Ceiling Fans, Bathroom appliances, Heaters, Air conditioners)

While it is easy to install and start using stand-alone appliances that do not require professional fitting, appliances like Ceiling fans, bathroom appliances such as washing machines and so on require professional help. The first time proper installation of such appliances ensures that they are fully operational and locked in their position for years to come.

The fitting of the following appliances requires special equipment, skilled hands and extensive knowledge about any hard to spot shortcomings that end up creating issues in the future:

  • Dishwashers
  • Wall mounted cooling and heating units
  • Washing machine and dryers
  • Electric and gas cook tops
  • Electric ovens
  • Ceiling Fans
  • And much more
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