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Electrical Maintenance

Professionals For Your Everyday Electrical Needs

Electrical appliances, equipment and machinery have become a vital part of our lives. From giving us knowledge to doing our dishes, from heating our rooms to drying our clothes, these functions are all being taken care of by appliances that run on electricity. And there is no doubt that when there is any kind of disruption to this everyday service, time and patience is put to the test and inefficiency creeps in to throw a spanner in the works.

How can we help?

At Tradie Team we provide general electrical maintenance in Melbourne that will ensure that all your appliances, lighting and equipment is working at its optimum capacity. We provide servicing and repair for your general home circuits and also some of your major appliances. Our team of skilled and highly experienced team of electricians can also help to review your appliances and offer advice.

Included in General Electrical Maintenance:

  • Maintenance and updates of your lighting systems (upgrading to LED and regular checks)
  • Safety switch checks and maintenance
  • General electric faults
  • Heating and cooling efficiency checks
  • Security and lighting sensor checks
  • Outdoor lighting checks (To ensure weather proofing of outdoor lighting)
  • Switchboard checks and updates
  • Selected repair of appliances
  • Scheduled maintenance programs
  • Hot water system check and update
  • CCTV system check and update
  • And much more

Why call us?

  • Tradie Team is recommended for its prompt service. We understand the urgency of our clients when it comes to electrical maintenance and are in a position to dispatch team members at a very short notice.
  • All our electricians are highly qualified and skilled individuals with extensive experience of working in various kinds of homes, offices, schools and other buildings
  • Reliable service always. Electrical works are a highly sensitive area of work, as advantageous as electricity is, it poses a great threat to property if its supporting tools are not properly maintained or kept a tab on. Our electricians are specially trained to observe carefully and pay intense attention to detail, to leave no stone unturned.
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